Are you feeling overwhelmed with the changes, decisions, and stress of separation and divorce?

You are not alone. Let's work together to create a personalized strategy to maximize your strengths and identify the support you need to move from confusion and chaos to confidence and empowerment.

The next workshop is on January 24, 2024 at 5:00pm PDT, 7:00pm CDT, 8:00pm EDT. This is an information-packed hour that provides practical insight into all stages of separation and divorce.

While attending in person provides the opportunity to ask questions, everyone registering will receive access to the recording and the handouts to complete the self-assessment at your convenience.

I am ready to gain confidence and clarity at Divorce 360!

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What Can I Expect?

This is a one-hour, interactive workshop to help women at any stage of the divorce process determine where they are at this point in time in eight key life areas. This is also an effective tool for those post-divorce who are developing a plan for moving forward with their life. In the workshop, you will complete an assessment of how prepared you are in each focus area and begin to develop a customized, strategic plan to ensure you feel confident and empowered moving forward.


Assessing your financial situation

Budgeting and creating a financial plan for post-divorce stability

Hiring Professionals

Who, how, and why divorce professionals are essential


Prioritizing self-care to manage stress and emotional challenges

Cultivating mindfulness and coping strategies for emotional well-being


Creating a personalized support network.

Where NOT to turn for support during divorce


Addressing emotional challenges that arise during divorce.

Managing feelings of guilt, anger, and sadness in a healthy way.

Health and Wellness

Prioritizing physical health through exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

Managing the impact of stress on your overall well-being


Navigating changes in friendships and social circles.

Understanding the importance of establishing boundaries to protect your emotional health


Balancing career goals and responsibilities during divorce.

Exploring new opportunities for personal and professional growth

This is an hour you will find invaluable in determining where you are and where to focus your energy and attention to help you throughout the divorce to create the future you want to live.

About Mardi

Hi, I'm Mardi Winder-Adams, a Certified Divorce Transition Coach. I am also a Board Certified Executive and Leadership Coach working with entrepreneurs and executives. With over a decade of coaching experience and over 25 years as a credentialed mediator in the United States and Canada, I know how often women's voices are not heard in mediation, negotiation, and discussions throughout the divorce process and beyond.

In my divorce and working with women through the divorce process, I empathize with the stress, frustration, overwhelm, and challenge of this life-changing event. I am here to support you in getting the right professionals, resources, and processes in place for you to go through divorce confidently and on your own terms.

Divorce is difficult, messy, and sometimes even ugly, but you don't have to go through it on your own.

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