Schedule a Free Divorce Strategy Planning session

During a 30-minute Zoom call, you will:

  • Identify the essential mindset shift you need to make
  • Pinpoint the number one challenge women face in divorce
  • Develop a customized strategy for overcoming that challenge
  • Identify the next steps you need to take

Meet Mardi

I'm Mardi Winder-Adams, the go-to divorce coach for high-achieving women. Women hire me to guide them step-by-step to take control of their divorce and significantly reduce the emotional and financial costs of the process.

I am a BCC and ICF certified coach and credentialed mediator with over 25 years of experience in assisting women in leadership roles to manage divorce, life transitions, and personal and professional challenges.

The Benefits of Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaching provides a customized approach to supporting you throughout the divorce process. In confidential, one-on-one Zoom or phone sessions, you have the time, space, and professional support to make decisions, consider your options and gain clarity, confidence, and empowerment through a challenging time in life. It provides you with the understanding you need to take control and have your voice heard throughout the process.

There is no need to do this alone or to struggle with making the right decisions for yourself and your children. Divorce coaching is recognized by the American Bar Association and recommended by top family law attorneys in Canada, the United States, and many countries around the world.

Reducing Emotional Costs

The emotional cost of divorce is always a factor. We will focus on managing your emotional health and wellbeing throughout the process by:

  • identifying your emotional needs
  • end the feelings of overwhelm and confusion
  • learn effective stress management techniques
  • change your mindset about divorce
  • look confidently toward your future
  • gain or enhance self-confidence
  • access your ability to take control of this transition in life
  • providing realistic, strategic, and unbiased support throughout the process

Reducing Financial Costs

The financial costs of divorce can be staggering. Working with a divorce coach assists you reduce the cost of the process by:

  • hiring the right attorney
  • learning effective conflict management techniques
  • developing budgets and short and long term financial goals
  • strategically planning and preparing for meetings with attorneys and other divorce professionals
  • ensuring you have the professionals you need on your divorce team
  • having time to consider options and plan for negotiations and mediation

What Past Clients Are Saying

"I didn't realize how much I needed a divorce coach until I worked with Mardi. Changed my entire outlook on myself and the future."

- C.L. - California

"I was completely lost - running from thing to thing and feeling like a victim. Mardi really did create the space so I could absolutely take control of my divorce and my life."

- O.M - Washington

"If you are a professional going through divorce, Mardi is a lifesaver. She helped me throughout the divorce and initial coparenting relationship to reduce conflict, costs, and stress."

- E.H - Ontario

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