I'm Mardi Winder-Adams, the go-to divorce coach for high-achieving women.

It is easy to become overwhelmed emotionally and financially by the divorce process. By not understanding the consequences of being in this place, it is easy for the divorce to spiral out of control with devastating results. I help you to effectively reduce the emotional and financial costs of the process with confidence, clarity, and on your own terms.

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Move from confusion and chaos to confidence and empowerment

Separation and divorce are life-changing events. It is easy to become overwhelmed, frustrated, and to feel as if your life is spiraling out of control. It is also very common to try to keep this part of your life private, but this is an incredibly difficult task. Many women also feel pressure to make the relationship work, which adds to the emotional stress in the process.

Divorce can be particularly difficult when children are involved. Creating an effective parenting plan can be overwhelming and requires the need to think about today as well as into the future. It also requires the parents to work together to build a new coparenting relationship that limits conflict, supports the children, and allows for flexibility in real-world situations.

The Solution - Divorce Transition Coaching

Divorce coaching provides education, insight, and planning for your separation and divorce. It is tailored to your needs and your goals, ensuring you have the knowledge and the resources you need at this challenging time in life.

Divorce Transition Coaching is a confidential, one-on-one coaching process. As the coach I work with you to assist in strategically approaching decisions, creating options, and evaluating the short and long-term impacts of the decision - on your terms.

Divorce is not the end - it is a transition in life. Through divorce coaching, you have the ability to take control of your separation and divorce to feel empowered and in control at all steps in the process.

Divorce coaching is most effective for women who are:

  • Determining if separation and divorce is the right decision
  • Feeling overwhelmed or uncertain of what to do in ending the relationship
  • Requiring a structured approach to hiring the right professionals throughout separation and divorce
  • Wanting to have control over decisions
  • Feeling "stuck in the past" but don't know why
  • Wanting to develop a comprehensive strategy for reducing conflict and moving forward

Meet Your Divorce Clarity Team

There are many aspects of divorce that are more than just choosing between legal options. These include significant decisions you have to make that impact your personal and professional life. As part of the Divorce Transition Coaching Package, you have a one-on-one consultation with a Realtor , Certified Financial Planner®, and a Personal Branding expert, all focused on providing clarity, understanding, and confidence throughout the process.

Huda Baak

Personal Branding Consultant

For 30 years Huda has been a champion for women to reclaim their power, look their absolute best, and feel super confident in their skin.

This is especially important for women going through a divorce. Whether you’re getting back in the job market after some time off, going for a promotion at work, or you simply want to love the way you look again, we can create a step-by-step game plan to get you there.

Huda knows firsthand what it feels like to be separated after 30 years of marriage. Even if you initiated the divorce, it takes a toll on your psyche, your self-esteem can take a hit, and you wonder if you can trust again. It’s especially draining when kids are involved.

To get women to start loving themselves and their image again, regardless of their age, size, or ethnicity, Huda created a special system to get you to see yourself in a whole new way. She works with women on four aspects of image so not only is it the external, physical aspect, like your appearance and your clothes, but more importantly, it’s the internal aspects like your mental, emotional, and spiritual levels as well.

Huda's approach to looking your best is to start with authentically aligning who you are inside, (who you truly are on a core level), with how you express it on the outside.

Are you ready to stop hanging out on the sidelines, get into the game, and play full out? Then it’s time to reclaim your power, revamp your look, and re-energize your life!

Susan Butler

Certified Financial Planner®

Do you see going through a divorce as a time for new financial freedom or do you feel scared and uncertain about money?

The last thing you need while going through the difficulties of a divorce is to have negative thoughts or worries about money and finances.

Whether you’re going through a transition in your life that has you questioning your future or are simply uncertain about your finances, Susan Butler’s practice at My Financial Harmony will take you from a place of discord, obstacles and confusion to one of clarity, purpose and confidence.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ with over 30 years of experience, she devotes her coaching practice to helping others find simplicity and harmony in their finances and their relationship with money.

Her holistic coaching approach integrates life planning with all areas of financial planning.

Since she no longer sells any investment products, Susan can focus on providing the guidance, support and empowerment you need to identify and move forward toward your goals, dreams and financial peace of mind.

Mitzy Dadoun


Mitzy has been working in the Real Estate field since she was 13 years old and started working for a Commercial Appraiser after a career day at school.

After going through her own divorce she realized how underserved clients are when they are going through this process. Deciding what to do with real estate when a couple is splitting is one of the most important decisions in the process.

Mitzy’s years of Real Estate experience and her passion for helping allow her to work with women to develop a clear picture of the pros and cons associated with any decision on residential or commercial property that is part of the divorce. Her experience in working with divorcing couples is beneficial in assisting you in considering the best real estate options during your divorce.

Mitzy approaches working with clients with compassion and patience. This is a difficult decision on many levels, and working with a Realtor is essential to clarify your options.

Mitzy has a diploma in Urban Affairs and Real Estate and a Bachelor of Administration. She is an Elder Planning Counsellor, Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, a Certified Executor Advisor and Master Accredited Senior Agent.

Mitzy was also the Vice President of a Mortgage Investment Corporation and has financing and appraisal training. This makes Mitzy far more qualified then the average agent in dealing with complex situations.

Mitzy is the author of 6 books on real estate and financing.


Divorce Coaching

Divorce transition coaching offers education, information, and practical, strategic planning for before, during, and after the divorce. A divorce coach does not provide legal services, but rather provides confidential, individual, support throughout the divorce process.

The Benefits

Through divorce transition coaching, you have a trusted professional to help you explore options, consider choices, and make decisions that are based on your current and future goals and plans. Through strategic planning, you can prepare for conversations with professionals, divorce negotiation and mediation, and in structuring conversations with your spouse, even when the topics are emotional and difficult.

Using an experienced divorce transition coach reduces conflict and avoids second-guessing your decisions. The process gives you time to consider choices and options with a professional who only has your best interests at heart.

Reduce the Cost of Divorce

As a divorce coach with experience in working with attorneys, mediators, and other divorce professionals, I work with clients to:

  • Determine the right type of divorce process
  • Evaluate and choose the ideal divorce attorney
  • Determine and select other professionals essential for the divorce process
  • Fully understand their options and the impact of their choices on their life
  • Prepare for strategic discussions to allow you to set the agenda
  • Prepare for essential meetings with professionals and with the spouse
  • Address the emotional side of divorce in a safe, confidential space
  • Consider options and develop a workable, practical, and effective parenting plan
  • Know you have made the right decisions


Schedule a FREE coaching session where you will:

  • Identify where you are in the separation and divorce process
  • Determine the next steps you need to take in moving forward
  • Pinpoint one challenge you are experiencing
  • Develop a plan for overcoming that challenge
  • Identify what you need to do to have confidence and control in your separation and divorce

These Zoom coaching sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes. It is helpful to have a specific issue in mind to make the most of our time together.


Work with the coach who helps women to navigate separation and divorce with confidence, compassion, and control over their future.

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